What’s going on this week? Internet bugs, Dying legacies, Africa, Supply Chain innovations and Drones

  • Heartbleed bug seems to pose a bigger threat than nuclear weapons as it can paralyze the internet we know. Hackers went straight to the heart of internet security – Open SSL – and opened it for other hackers worldwide. So, as you check your bank accounts, do internet shopping or execute other secure transactions, watch out for the warnings or change your passwords.
  • Motorola is selling another one of its division to Zebra technologies. Zebra, well known for its industrial devices like thermal printers, will become the largest player in the industrial device industry. Good for Zebra but the legacy of Motorola seems to be dying every year.
  • Nigeria has become Africa’s biggest economy with their adjustment to GDP, surpassing South Africa. With a $500b+ GDP, this seems good only on paper as more than 70% of the population still lives on $2 or less a day. At the same time it may attract foreign investors to shell more money to drive development in the country.
  • SAP announced a new supply chain solution at the SAPInsider – Supply Chain Control Tower. While it’s competitors have similar offerings, SC control tower brings advanced and truly integrated capabilities to adjust strategic and tactical business plans in real time to assess cash flow, service level and profitability impact. Powered by Hana.
  • Drone wars continue as Google is buying New Mexico based firm Titan Aerospace. Titan claims to have small and big drones, some of which can be put to commercial use by 2015. With Amazon already ahead, Facebook has also acquired a UK based firm. Race is on but watch out for the skies above you. You may soon see drone advertisements!


Closing with a quote that inspired me this week

Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” – Lou Holtz

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